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Hey, There!
I’m Elaine.

I am a passionate writer who enjoys learning about different cultures, languages, and perspectives. My goal is to teach others how to embrace interculturality & cross-cultural communication. Embracing dialogue, respect, and cooperation across cultures starts with developing a healthy sense of self. The sooner we nurture a healthy sense of self, the more receptive we become to diversity.  

I’m a firm believer that the future is intercultural. Learning to appreciate and respect diversity, in all its forms, is key in creating a harmonious and sustainable future for all.   

I hope to inspire you by sharing content that spikes up the necessary questions and conversations that help you come closer to that. 


I was born and raised in a tropical island called Puerto Rico based in the Caribbean. I am currently a full-time Spanish interpreter and freelance translator. In my free time I like reading, listening to podcasts, watching documentaries, and spending time with loved ones. I have a bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies with a focus on human biology, social psychology, and history from the University of Central Florida. That’s just a fancy way of saying I love learning about the human mind and behavior and comparing them with different groups across different periods of time.  

I’ve had the opportunity to visit countries outside of the United States such as Spain, Italy, France, and Mexico. The next three countries I’d like to visit soon are Egypt, Thailand, and Australia. Having the opportunity to visit these places and learn about their history, traditions, gastronomy, as well as build cross-cultural friendships, have brought me closer to myself and changed my perspective of the world. 

I hope to inspire you by creating content that spikes up the necessary questions and conversations that challenge your narrative, bring you closer to yourself, and expose you to the beauty of cultural differences. 

Follow me on my journey to #MakeHumanityGreatAgain and together move towards a more global-thinking society.  

I look forward to connecting with you.  

With Love,